Sunday, May 3, 2009

A George By Any Other Name

Well, what do you know George Washington got a new home! You remember George, the kitten that showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago, starving and meowing.

George had taken up with Thomas Jefferson across the street. Who knows what Thomas had in mind, but recent developments have us all wondering. When Thomas' family decided they could provide a home for little George, he had name change to James Madison with the intent to call him Madison. We all also knew a vet visit was in the offing since George was full of fleas and had a big bare spot of worn off fur on his rump. So the very next day off he went for his examination. Aha! The vet took one look and said, "A better name for George Washington would be Martha!"

Now we have to wonder what exactly was Thomas Jefferson interested in when he befriended little George, er, uh, Martha?

George now has not only a new home, but a new collar, and a new name (they stuck with Madison). She gets a nice extra bowl of food at my house every now and then and is pretty cocky about displacing Thomas if he comes trotting up to the food bowl. Thomas' nose is out of joint now that she lives inside his house, but we're hoping he'll get over that. Just to make him feel better I sneak a bowl to him too.

As to the name change, she really ought to be called Dolly, but I'll always think of her as George.

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