Thursday, September 26, 2013


Since moving from the big house I rented for nearly 25 years into the small house next door on the same property, I have become convinced that the previous tenant, a person not well loved by the neighborhood, had caused the dwelling to become cursed. After two sewer line backups into the house, the indoor cat up and dying after costing me a fortune at the vet’s, allergic reactions to the chopped up pine tree plopped in the yard by my landlord instead of treated bark, and various other difficulties, I have seriously thought about packing up and moving far, far away

So the other night, after stepping out the front door to snatch up PeeWee, my vagabond kitty, in order to get him inside for the night, I inadvertently closed the screen door while still standing on the front step. Now I was in my nightie since it was 10:30 PM and I was ready for bed and I had already switched the locks on both the front door and the screen door. Yes, I locked myself out of the house

“Oh, great!” I said out loud. I had on my little soft bunny slippers in which I never go outside because the chopped up pine tree that is all over the yard attaches to the furry sides of the slippers and it takes a long time to painstakingly pull out each little piece and in the process the fur comes out too, thus managing to partially destroy the slippers. “Cursed,” I mumbled, “cursed,” as I had no other choice but to wade into the pine tree stuff in order to walk around the house in the pitch dark to the back where I had at least hidden a spare key. (Yeah, somewhere along the line I just knew something like this would happen so I had gotten smart and hid a key.

After getting the key I turned to trot back around the house on the pine tree stuff because I couldn’t get in the back door, as not only was it locked, but the security latch was on and the key doesn’t open that. I gazed down and even in the dark I could see what looked like a circle drawn in the pine tree stuff. “What’s this?” I said, “A crop circle?” I was puzzled. It was a distinctive circle with some kind of markings in the middle. “Gah! – Aliens!”

Quickly I tromped around to the front and opened the screen door. PeeWee stood there looking at me with a quizzical look on his little kitty face. “There’s a crop circle in our pine tree bark,” I said to him. I could tell he thought I had gone over the edge. “Meow!” He wanted to go back out. “No, you can’t go out,” I said as I went into my closet and got the camera. “I’m going to take a picture of it,” I said to him and I proceeded through the garage to the back door, unlocking the security lock and the door lock (Yeah, I’m not doing that again!) and went out into the dark and onto the pine tree stuff. I couldn’t see the circle through the camera lens but I figured the camera would be able to focus on it somehow. Click, the flash went off. I got the shot

I stood there a while studying the image. I hadn’t imagined it. It was actually there in my pine bark. Who or what had put it there? Why a circle? What do the symbols in the middle mean? Is it some kind of message from the gods? Is it a warning about this curs-ed house

It was cold, it was dark. If the neighbors behind me happened to look out their windows they would see my form lurking in the dark back there and with my luck probably call the cops. I started to go back in the house when I thought, “Hmmm, maybe I’ll take another shot from the other side.” What the heck I already had half the pine tree stuff stuck onto my furry slippers anyway, I might just as well trot around to other side and get another shot of this mysterious alien crop circle thing. Click, the flash went off.


Unh Huh! So the aliens have a sense of humor

Disgusted I stomped back inside the house, slammed and locked the door and the security latch and grumbling all the way back into the living room set the lock on the screen door and the front door, sat down in my chair and proceeded to pluck the pine tree stuff out of my furry slippers

It’s a good thing cats can’t talk because if PeeWee had said even one word or for that matter even one “Meow” I would have skinned him alive. Yes, I figured it out. No it wasn’t a crop circle. No, it wasn’t aliens. It was my landlord’s son, Nicholas, who had squirted weed killer on the pine tree stuff leaving me a happy face

Wait until I get my hands on that kid!

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